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Vermiculture soil in palms with green leaves in background

Our 2024 Products and Price List in St. John’s

Looking to improve the fertility in your soil? Trouter’s Special Worm Farm has all of your composting products and we offer expert advice on proper nutrients for your soil.

Check out our 2024 products and price list, and contact us to set up a delivery order.

*Prices subject to change

*All pricing subject to tax and delivery fees where applicable


1 pound Red wiggler worms - $75.00

½ pound Red wiggler worms - $50.00


Vermicompost Kit: $150.00

1-  1 pound of worms

1-  15 litre bag of premixed bedding

1-  38 litre rubb m. container

3-  page info pamphlet on helpful tips


Refill bags premixed bedding for worm compost - $15.00


Pure castings - $15.00 - $35.00


20 litre bag premium nutrient soil mix (Rip n Tip) - $15.00


1 tote (approx. 1000 litre) premium nutrient soil mix - $550.00


Small bag pure casts (2 months feed for 6-8” potted plant) - $5.00




We offer many different options for our product delivery service, such as:

  • Delivery driver in St. John’s

  • Canada Post

  • DRL

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